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Punk Rock and Roll

In the drought that is: "Rawk and filthy Roll," there is a storm a comin, and it's headin your way like a big rig without a jake-brake, straight out of "Hells Half Acre." With years of dirty stinkin rock embedded under their nails...

The Hitchhikers are a glued together tumbleweed of spit, beer, sweat and grease.

This Punk band is comprised of x-members from The Humpers, The Bleeders, The Neurotones and He's Dead Jim, and is a mashed together greasy-meatball of pure gut-rot fun, and the chef's name is Chuck Berry.   Well guess what my fans of filth...this is exactly what you're gettin, straight from the syringe and into your thick-head, a shot of brainwash that'll make ya forget you're mom slept with the mailman.   Were gonna fumigate your head!!!!!!!

All the members that have kids support Lil Punkers and wear their kid's cool punk clothing.

Hailing from the Valley of Smoke and home of the worlds greatest meth-labs, The Hitchhikers are cultured in junkyard etiquette and trailer park panaché, "don't park your Maverick near my camper!" That could be their slogan, but they're not that smart.

The Hitchhikers are: Mitch "Trucker" Cartwright, Sven (The Mad Man from Milhurst) Savage, Steve Spills, and Marty "The Martini" Morgan. The Hitchhikers came together by a fateful chain of events.   Murder, a broken-down car, and not enough money to buy a 12-pack of Lucky Lager slammed these hoodlums of rawk and filth together forming an atomic explosion of sound in your cerebral cortex.   I guess you could say The Hitchhikers are going to lobotomize your brain.  

So listen up all you idiots sittin in that dark corner of the bar...stand-up and take your place in front of the stage. Let The Hitchhikers dissect your soul with their rock n roll scalpel.   We don't mess around, except with yer mom, so bring her too.  

We'll give you the dirtiest 30 minutes of rock you've been looking for.   Look for The Hitchhikers at a rock show near you or your mom's bedroom.



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